No-Poo Diary: How to do it right

Hi beautiful people. I’m sure some of you are turning up your nose thinking how the hell is it even biologically possible and how on earth can it be healthy for you?! Whilst the others are thinking the myth is finally debunked, girls do not poop!

Hear me out. This has nothing to do with our necessity to use the toilet. It is actually the abbreviation for the word shampoo. Because shampoo is just poo. It’s in the name, I don’t make this stuff up.

When I first heard about no-poo, I was pondering how these crazy abstinees not feel the need to wash their hair! I have done my research and came to the conclusion that rather than criticise and abandon the idea of going no poo,  I would do a little experiment. So I joined the no poo bandwagon in early march 2020.

What really inspired me to do it, was the thought of never having to spend money anymore on the myriad of different pricey shampoo’s all promising temptingly different things from ‘extra volume’ to ‘impossible shine’. The sheer volume of choices can sometimes be overwhelming and cause anxiety in beauty drugstores. The other thing was what the no poo offered itself: a low maintenance way to care for your hair and restore your natural oil balance so your hair can take care of itself (and still maintain its volume and healthy appearance) I was all in!

The main obstacle in finding a perfect hair care routine for me has always been my scalp. Ever since my early teens, I have had a problem scalp be it having a dry scalp or dandruff and itching. I have been on many a quest to combat this and yet to find the holy grail. Perhaps the no-poo method will be it if I wait it out long enough to see amazing results. And so in the beginning I had fears on how to go about it. I mean not washing my hair is basically like inviting dandruff and build up to a party. No, thank you.

There is also many no-poo methods that can work for differently for everyone. One way is to just dry brush your hair and simply stop washing it with anything. Another way is to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar solutions as shampoo and conditioner respectively. I have used that method a few years back and found that baking soda can be gritty and dry out my scalp even more. So I took my own initiative and decided to use a lemon water rinse. Firstly, it smells nice and citrus-y and secondly, the acidic ph is good for the scalp.

The Experiment:

The first week: oh my God. I have already been used to not washing my hair more often than every 2-3 days but on day 4 of not using shampoo my hair was incredibly greasy and yet I still loved having my hair out! After the first water and lemon rinse, the grease was not gone. I let my hair dry and brushed it and went about my normal day. This first week later involved a lot more ponytails and braids to hide the greasy top of my hair. It worked well, and to my knowledge no one noticed.

The second week: Towards the end of the second week, my hair had less of a greasy appearance. I am so used to going out whether it be to work or anywhere else with my hair out that I just do it no matter if it looks a lil greasy. I tried to hide it by pinning a bit of my hair back with bobby pins or keeping all my hair to one side to look more ‘chic’. I’ve been doing the water and lemon rinse (sometimes just water if I did not have access to lemons) everyday apart one time where I let a day go by between a wash. It did not disturb anything.

The third week: My hair has lost the greasy sheen to it. My hair did look a bit straw-like especially the ends, the ends have always been very dry. My scalp still had the same problems. However, when I brushed my hair right, it looked shiny and not at all like I haven’t been washing it in 3 weeks.

The fourth week: My hair seems to have regulated it self so much! If I do not wash it for 2-3 days, it can appear to be a bit greasy but the appearance can change with a simple thorough brush. Once during this fourth week, I have solely washed my hair with water only, no apple cider vinegar and it did the same job. Any sign of grease was gone.

The fifth week and onward: I can abstain from washing my hair for a week, and brushing it daily to distribute natural oils. My hair looks clean-dry, no longer greasy at all. However, I will continue to wash my hair with either water or apple cider vinegar rinse at least once a week.

My scalp issues have not ceased unfortunately, but I am open to any home remedies that are vegan but do not include baking soda, lemon juice because I have been there and done that. I have recently researched that a green tea rinse might help with the symptoms and I am willing to give it a try and document it in another blog post 🙂

Paulina x

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